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Cory Williams shocks RIce Lake Speedway Modifieds

By Ed Reichert

RICE LAKE, WI (September 4) - Cory Williams inherited the lead in the WISSOTA Modified feature when Mike Anderson broke with five laps remaining in the main event, then held off all challenges to record his first feature win in 10 years of racing to top the Labor Day weekend special Saturday at Rice Lake Speedway.

Other winners on a huge night of racing were Shane Kisling, Tito Viltz, Zach Manley and Nick Wojcik.

After the first night of the double-header was rained out on Friday, a large field of 163 drivers signed in to race on Saturday representing three states and Canada, and they participated in a 31-race program that was the biggest of the season at Rice Lake.

Twenty-four drivers took the green flag for the WISSOTA Modified headliner and Scott Splittstoesser took the early lead. Only one lap was completed when top contender Kevin Adams was clipped from behind by Scott Duval and both suffered flat tires. Both replaced the tires but eventually both dropped out of the contest.

Splittstoesser continued to lead on the green but Williams and Paul Brust challenged him. Mike Anderson soon moved in to make it a four-car battle for the lead; he moved to the high side of the track and raced into second. Anderson then closed in on Splittstoesser and blew past him on the outside of turn one to take over the lead. Anderson stretched his lead as Williams battled with Splittstoesser for second a ways ahead of Brust.

Anderson led by nearly a straightaway then suddenly and inexplicably rolled to a halt at the end of the back chute; the yellow flew and a broken fuel pump belt ended the leader’s night.

Williams inherited the top spot with only five laps to go and opened up a three-car length cushion over the field. Jason Miller, who was forced to go to the tail of the field after a lap two spin, had worked his way back into contention and closed in to challenge Brust and Splittstoesser on the final few go rounds.

As Williams drove home for his first win, Miller rode the high side through the final corner and took the second spot from Splittstoesser. Brust and Scott Hudack completed the top five.

Wayne Dean made a great move during the opening lap of the WISSOTA Super Stock feature; he found an opening to go from the second row into the lead before one tour was completed. Dean continued to hold the top spot for several laps with Aaron Wilson, Ben Hillman and Jason Forehand close behind. Kisling quickly got up on the cushion and raced into contention as well. Dean had a four car length lead over Hillman when he slowed and dove into the infield; he was done for the night.

Hillman inherited the lead but Kisling quickly moved in to battle with him. They raced around the oval side-by-side for several laps.

Kisling was finally able to gain the lead with a slide through turn two that allowed him to edge past Hillman. Hillman stayed right with Kisling and made several attempts to get back under him but wasn’t able.

Kisling opened up a couple car lengths on the pack while Hillman was left to deal with a charging Forehand. Meanwhile, Wilson and Eric Olson were side-by-side in a battle for fourth. Kisling was able to hold his small margin and the battle for second prevented Hillman and Forehand from challenging for the lead. On the last lap, Forehand secured second from Hillman and Olson did the same to Wilson for fourth.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature was stopped only once for a yellow flag. Front row starters Shane Halopka and Tito Viltz battled for the lead most of the race. Halopka took the initial lead but Viltz challenged him almost from the beginning. Grant Southworth fought with the leaders for a few laps before he was overtaken by Mark Gerth, Ryan Viltz and Matt Leer. Tito Viltz put heavy pressure on Halopka until the yellow flew when Clark Swartz rolled to a halt.

On the green, Viltz dove low into turn three and, with more than a bit of contact, was able to nose under Halopka for the top spot. Halopka didn’t back off and challenged Tito Viltz until Gerth almost got around him for second. Halopka was able to hold second and Gerth suddenly faced a challenge from Ryan Viltz, who then drove past for third. The last 12 laps ran nonstop, and while everyone drove hard, the order remained without much change at the end.

Tito Viltz built a four-car length lead on the way to the checkered flag. Halopka finished second and kept Ryan Viltz, Gerth and Leer behind him to the finish.

The WISSOTA Street Stock feature had plenty of action among the leaders as well. Jay Kesan jumped into the initial lead of the event but before two laps could be completed, Doug Wojcik and Jason Vande Kamp got together on the front chute; both cars went into the wall and were out of the event.

Sam Fankhauser took over the top spot after the restart. Kesan began applying the pressure along with Ashley Husby, Danny Richards and Ron Hanestad. Kesan closed up on Fankhauser and tried to get under him down the front chute. The two got together and Fankhauser’s car spun; Kesan was tagged for the yellow and sent to the rear.

Fankhauser continued to lead on the new green but sixth row starter Manley had charged to the front quickly. Manley picked his way through traffic and began challenging Fankhauser for the lead. Jimmy Randall used the cushion well and moved up into the top three during the race.

Manley was able to get past Fankhauser and pulled away from the field. Randall continued to work the high side; he moved into second but wasn’t able to catch Manley, who motored on and took the win, Randall finished a strong second. Fankhauser maintained third and Adam Soltis moved up from deep in the pack for fourth ahead of Richards.

Flat tires were a key factor in the Pure Stock feature. Darwin Brown, who stole the point from early leader Gunnar Watkins, had a left rear go down and lost the lead to Nick Wojcik. Later, Dusty Brown moved into challenge Wojcik but he, too, suffered a flat late in the contest. Wojcik went on to take the win.

The Labor Day weekend program marked the end of the racing season under new owners Dave Adams and Mitch Hansen. Information on the upcoming banquet and 2011 season will be available at


WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature - Cory Williams, Jason Miller, Scott Splittstoesser, Paul Brust, Scott Hudack, Mark Hanson, Scott Miller, Eric Pember, Jerry Hartman, Steve Wik, Jason Schill, Steve Lavasseur, Ross Prochnow, Keith Tourville, Pat Hoffman, Shaun Kelley, Mike Truscott, Shawn Kreyer, Mike Anderson, Kent Baxter, Keane Laakson, Scott Duval, Aric Lindberg, Kevin Adams
Heat 1 - J. Miller, Adams, Hudack, Tourville, Swan, M. Baxter, Loeschke, Kreyer
Heat 2 - Hanson, Duval, K. Baxter, Wik, Truscott, Kallenbach, Van Meter, Gustafson
Heat 3 - Splittstoesser, Brust, Pember, Hazelton, S. Kelley, L. Prochnow, Kobs
Heat 4 - Laakson, S. Miller, Schill, Lavasseur, D. Mayala, Hessler, Rogers, Marlett
Heat 5 - Hartman, Williams, R. Prochnow, B. Mayala, Lightner, Gross, Johnson
Heat 6 - Anderson, Hoffman, Lindberg, Brent Prochnow, Kelley, Jr., Lofthus, Korpi
B Feature - Tourville, S. Kelley, Kreyer, Ross Lightner, John Hazelton, Lonnie Loeschke, Buddy Mayala, Mark Baxter, Larry Prochnow, Scott Kobs, Jeremy Gross, Robbie Johnson, Jason Swan
B Feature 2 - Wik, Lavasseur, Truscott, Rich Lofthus, Mark Hessler, Mike Kelley, Jr., Doug Gustafson, Dave Mayala, Tim Van Meter, Dave Baxter, Kevin Rogers, Ron Korpi, Kevin Marlett, Brandon Kallenbach

WISSOTA Super Stocks:
Feature - Shane Kisling, Jason Forehand, Ben Hillman, Eric Olson, Aaron Wilson, Nick Oreskovich, Andy Grymala, Greg Kuklinski, Shawn Huse, Chad Johnson, Ken Truscott, Roy Pumala, Willie Johnsen, Jr., Jim Harris, Scott Zitelman, Wayne Dean, Russ Chester, Wayne Harris, Jr., Shawn Kammerud, Allen Amborn, Kevin Eder, Jay Quilling, Mark Stender, Paul Erikson
Heat 1 - Stender, Olson, Huse, Zitelman, Oreskovich, Truscott, Richards, Jungerberg, Hallquist
Heat 2 - Dean, Kisling, J. Harris, Johnsen, Chester, Amborn, Wayne Bignell, Talmage, Fabio
Heat 3 - Forehand, Hillman, Kuklenski, Johnson, W. Harris, Jr., Heintz, Emerson, Marcus Berget, Shackleton
Heat 4 - Erikson, Wilson, Grymala, Eder, Chester, Quilling, Pumala, Hoaglan, Siewert
B Feature - Truscott, Quilling, Marcel Hoaglan, Pat Jungerberg, Johnny Emerson, Mike Siewert, Rick Hallquist
B Feature 2 - Amborn, Pumala, Tommy Richards, Donnie Talmage, Frank Fabio, Jeff Heintz, Tim Shackleton

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:
Feature - Tito Viltz, Shane Halopka, Ryan Viltz, Mark Gerth, Matt Leer, Jason Vande Kamp, Nick Koehler, Rich Lofthus, Grant Southworth, Cory Crapser, Jesse Glenz, Bob Wood, Bob Anderson, Tommy Turcotte, Rob Weber, Jake Smith, Josh Bazey, Mark Thomas, Rick Przybylski, Kyle Steffen, Chuck Lambert, Travis Anderson, Paul Neisius, Clark Swartz
Heat 1 - R. Viltz, Turcotte, Weber, P. Neisius, Lambert, Carlson, Eckland, Jackson, C. Neisius
Heat 2 - Gerth, T. Viltz, Vande Kamp, Thomas, Wood, Ja. Smith, Hanson, Stai
Heat 3 - Lofthus, Leer, Swartz, B. Anderson, Mueller, Jo. Smith, Strandlund, Sr., Broker
Heat 4 - Southworth, Koehler, Bazey, Steffen, Gardner, Hessler, Przybylski, Toepper
Heat 5 - Glenz, Halopka, Crapser, T. Anderson, Olson, Sirek, Dohms, Swearingen
B Feature - Ja. Smith, Lambert, Mike Mueller, Joe Olson, Jordan Hessler, David Swearingen, Steve Strandlund, Sr., Doug Toepper, Jake Stai, Cooper Dohms, Joe Eckland
B Feature 2 - Wood, Przybylski, Terry Sirek, Jo. Smith, Al Broker, Cory Jackson, Fran Hanson, Cole Neisius, Cody Gardner, Cody Carlson

WISSOTA Street Stocks:
Feature - Zach Manley, Jimmy Randall, Sam Fankhauser, Adam Soltis, Danny Richards, Ron Hanestad, James Vought, Cory Hansen, Joel Hinrichs, Ralph Stark, Ryan Asp, Carolyn Nosser, Marcus Simonson, Ashley Husby, Chad Ogilvie, Simon Wahlstrom, Jay Kesan, Cody Kummer, Tom Grasley, Jason Vande Kamp, Doug Wojcik
Heat 1 - Husby, Hanestad, Vought, Wahlstrom, Hanson, Stark, Asp
Heat 2 - Kesan, Wojcik, Randall, Vande Kamp, Ogilvie, Simonson, Nosser
Heat 3 - Richards, Manley, Fankhauser, Kummer, Soltis, Hinrichs, Grasley

Pure Stocks:
Feature - Nick Wojcik, C.J. Wagner, Nick Traynor, Gunnar Watkins, Bob Thompson, Dusty Brown, Josh Bach, Kendall Grover, Darwin Brown, Brandon Davis, Matt Ketchum, Justin Madsen, Kolby Kiehl, Jeff Grasley, Jay Folz, Jake Sandmann, George Richards, Krysta Swearingen
Heat 1 - Da. Brown, Thompson, Kiehl, Folz, Grover, Richards, Bach, Madsen, Grasley
Heat 2 - Wojcik, Traynor, Du. Brown, Watkins, Wagner, Davis, Sandmann, Swearingen, Ketchum