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  .: May 2, 2020 :.

Rice Lake Speedway Kart Track Announces Name Change; Sets Opener

By Ed Reichert

Rice Lake WI, April 30 – The Rice Lake Speedway Kart Track, located on the grounds of the Rice Lake Speedway, has announced that the track has been branded with a new name along with also revealing some major improvements for the 2020 racing season and also announcing its first scheduled event.

The speedway, which was built on the Southeast corner of the Rice Lake Speedway property, was opened in 2019 by Kevin and Megan Adams, who are the small track organizers and managers. This week however, a new name for the track, new logo and new face book page are all being rolled out by the owners.

While built for racers of all ages, the new track caters to those young drivers interested in developing their skills and an appreciation for the sport of dirt track racing with the hopes that someday they will move on to racing at the “other” speedway located on the grounds.

With the idea of paying homage to the Rice Lake Speedway, who's roots date all the way back to 1952, while at the same time looking to the future for the development of a new generation of racers, the Kart track will now be known at the Rice Lake Speed Pit Kart Track. This is in deference to the original name for the race track, which when opened in 1952 was called the Rice Lake Speed Pit because it was built in an abandoned gravel pit. The track retained that name until 1967 when it took its current name and the track owners wish to honor the long history of the track while also hoping to develop a whole new legacy of racers to lead the track in the years to come.

Many improvements have either taken place already during the off season for the Speed Pit or will soon be completed as they ready for the opening race. Bull Dozin' Inc hauled in new race material for the track which has been enlarged, reshaped and banked higher. Rice Lake Weighing Systems has donated a new platform scale to weigh the race Karts and Duluth Minnesota's Paul Wrazidlo has donated aluminum bleachers from his Copper Creek Motorsports Park for spectator seating. Pro Fence is also in the process of putting up new safety fence at the track.

The Speed Pit has announced that the opening race will be held on Saturday, May 30th. There will be safety restrictions in place, depending on what the current rules are in place at that time and the track will take whatever measures are necessary to allow the program to commence safely. More updates will be announced as that date draws closer with practice dates also to be announced soon.

The new face book page for the Rice Lake Speed Pit Kart Track will be launched on Friday, May 1st. Schedule updates and other racing news will be available there. Rule updates for the adult division for 2020 can be found at the speedway website, under the Kart rules tab.

For further information on the Rice Lake Speed Pit Kart Track and for any questions, please call Kevin “Buzzy” Adams at 715-642-0700.