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Rice Lake Speedway Big Track Rules

Rice Lake Speedway is a WISSOTA-sanctioned track.
Please Click Here to view and print rules.

Rice Lake Speedway Kart Club Rules
2021 Code of Conduct (.pdf file)
125cc - 250cc & 500 Pro Open Wing Kart Rules (.pdf file)
R-Box Wing Kart Rules (.pdf file)
Jr. Wing Box Stock Outlaw Kart Rules (.pdf file)
RLS Adult Heavy Kart Rules (.pdf file)
Rookie Cage Kart Rules (.pdf file)
Junior 2-3 Kart Rules (.pdf file)
Junior 1 Kart Rules (.pdf file)
Sportsman 206 (.pdf file)

Demo Derby Rules

Summer Slam Payout (.pdf file)
Midsize Chain (FWD only) (.pdf file)
Midsize Limited (.pdf file)
Minivans/SUV (.pdf file)
Youth Midsize Chain (.pdf file)
Fullsize Limited (.pdf file)