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  .: March 24, 2020 :.

Rice Lake Speedway Mall Show Canceled; Season Currently On Hold

By Ed Reichert

The Rice Lake Speedway car show, an annual event held at Rice Lake's Cedar Mall, has been canceled. The event, scheduled to be held on April 3-5, has been canceled by Mall management due to the fact that the Mall has been closed and the reopening date is uncertain.

According to Rice Lake Speedway coordinator for this event, Kevin Adams, it is possible that a one day event may be held at an alternative site, depending upon when governmental action will allow crowds to once again gather.

Dave Adams, co-owner of the Rice Lake Speedway with Mitch Hansen, stated that they are taking the season week by week before making any decisions about modifying the existing track schedule. The current schedule shows that practice night at the track is planned for April 15th with the sixty eighth consecutive opener of the Rice Lake Speedway slated for Saturday night, April 18th.

Late March weather has been conducive to an early opening date for the track so once the speedway receives word that they may proceed with their season, it won't take long to get the track prepared and the facility ready to greet fans for another season of racing action. Fans should check the speedway's face book page and other media sources for the latest information from the track.

As always, any questions should be directed to either Dave Adams at 715-205-2861 or Mitch Hansen at 715-205-1122.