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  .: June 24, 2023 :.

Rice Lake Speedway Rained Out Saturday, Special Events Upcoming

By Ed Reichert

Rice Lake WI, June 24 – While the rains held off for most of the day on Saturday, they came far too early on Saturday evening for the Rice Lake Speedway to complete a full program of racing events. After the first two Midwest Modified heats were completed, the rain started to fall just as heat number two was completed, and once it started raining, it never did let up and track officials were forced to cancell the remainder of the program. Spectators that held rain checks on the night will be able to use them at one of the two upcoming events at the track. Saturday night was also Kid's Night at the track and the fans were able to greet the drivers who had their cars staged on the front chute of the track before the program. The bike drawings were not able to be completed before the rain however, and it is planned to do this during the program this coming Saturday. Fans should check the speedway facebook page this week to confirm this.

On Saturday night, July 1, the United States Racing Association (USRA) Limited Late Models will be making their first ever appearance at the speedway. Appearing much like their faster counterparts, the Limited Late Models run more economical motors and tires which while restricting their speeds to a point, still allow some high speed racing at a more economical price. Along with the Limited Late Models, WISSOTA sanctioned Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Street Stocks and Pure Stocks will all run full racing programs. The Modifieds will have the night off.

Then, on Monday night, July 3rd, one of the most popular events of the year will take place with the Firecracker special scheduled. Along with a full program in the five core classes that race at the track every week, the annual fireworks display will be held and is always one of the most highly attended races of the year. If the program on July 3rd should be rained out, the rain date for the Firecracker special is Saturday night, July 8th. If the fireworks program is held as scheduled on July 3rd, there will be no racing at the track on July 8th.

Call Dave Adams or Mitch Hansen with any questions about the upcoming events or visit the speedway website at

15 entries


Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 11X-Jason Schill[1]; 2. 68-Shadow Kitchner[3]; 3. 7-Mike Schnider[6]; 4. 21B-Jesse Bryan[4]; 5. 63JR-Brady Larson[5]; 6. 15G-Eric Gadach[2]; 7. 40D-Blake Adams[7]; 8. 88K-Donavan Knutson[8]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 1M-Matt Brandemuehl[2]; 2. 87-William Moelter[4]; 3. 19A-Aiden Hoffman[1]; 4. 11R-Landyn Randt[5]; 5. 63L-Mitchell Larson[6]; 6. 19H-Kevin Herrman[3]; 7. 18-Tacoma Randall[7]