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December 28, 2020 - Speed Pit Kart Track schedule revealed
Here is the 2021 Rice Lake Speed Pit Kart Track schedule (tentative). We have always tried to keep our schedule around 7 races. This way families can plan weekend trips or go check out other tracks. We also have decided to have a night for each weekly division that pays a little money to win. This gives our local kids a chance to race for some cash! I’m also hoping to add 1/4 Midgets to one of our weekly shows once we see there schedule.

Classes are all the same as 2020 except we decided to drop our Grassroots class and replace it with the popular Sportsman 206 division. After talking to the vast majority of our local adult racers, they told me they would rather go this direction. This will be the exact same rules as Thunder Hill and Cedar Lake. Chad from Thunder Hill, is putting the finishing touches on his rules. Once he’s ready, we will put the rules up on the website. This division will make it much easier for our adults to be able to travel and race at the areas other two racetracks. I just want to say a Special Thanks to everyone that has supported the Adult Grassroots division the last two years. We do plan on having a couple specials during the year for our area Adult Animal & Clone Drivers. Stay Tuned.

We are also doing some upgrades to the facility over the winter into next spring. We recently purchased a new street sweeper from a local county shop. This is going to be a excellent machine for us. We are building a new water truck with a side arm wing, so we can lay water on the cushion more consistently. We will continue to form the curb on the top of the track, so our 250-500 guys have something to lean on.

Cook Well drilling will be installing a new infield drain this spring so we can finish our infield grass and Victory Lane.

Coach Mike D. was just hired to be our full time announcer. He is a great guy and a loyal racing fan his entire life.

Lastly, we have acquired lights and light poles from a racetrack that has been closed for a few years now. This will be awesome, especially at the 2021 Pumpkin 100.

Tech will be more strict in 2021. Our new tech guy is a former small engine builder and kart racer, so he will be a great addition to our team. We will also be enforcing code of conduct rules. The new code of conduct rules will be added to our website soon. One of the main rules is if you decide to take to social media and say unsportsmanlike things about an official, a driver, or the Speed Pit, you better push delete, otherwise if we catch it, you (and your driver) are no longer welcome at the Speed Pit. We will not tolerate this type of behavior at all. 2021 Rules will be posted at / Kart Track

We are still trying to finalize a banquet location for the 2020 season. It’s been hard with all of the Covid restrictions, but we are hoping to have the banquet in February. Please stay tuned, Thanks again to all of our great sponsors, staff, drivers, teams & fans!

Happy New Year and we hope to see you all next spring!

Rice Lake Speedway Kart Club Rules
Code of Conduct Updated 1/18/21 (.pdf file)
125cc - 250cc & 500 Pro Open Wing Kart Rules (.pdf file)
R-Box Wing Kart Rules Updated 1/18/21 (.pdf file)
Jr. Wing Box Stock Outlaw Kart Rules Updated 12/24/20 (.pdf file)
206 Sportsman Updated 1/18/21(.pdf file)
RLS Adult Heavy Kart Rules (.pdf file)
Rookie Cage Kart Rules Updated 1/18/21 (.pdf file)
Junior 2-3 Kart Rules Updated 1/18/21 (.pdf file)
Junior 1 Kart Rules Updated 1/18/21 (.pdf file)